They import some Hanway-produced bikes and planned to launch Royalloy in April 2017, however the Scomadi court action has so far prevented that. – Scomadi’s plans to put the TL300 into production are dashed when Piaggio withdraw the offer of engine supply. Not Now. 10 Aug The Pebble and The Boy. With all the worldwide legal fighting over trademarks, designs and intellectual property there is one answer for those who win with nothing to lose… Lawyers…, MODERN, Modern Feature, Modern Scooter News, RETRO, Retro Feature, Retro Scooter News. Last week we got a press release from Scomadi with more details of their court action to prevent Royal Alloy (previously Royalloy) scooters coming into the EU. Would you ride one? Join us and have your say in this head to head as we attempt to see which is best? Both of these are good looking scoots. Scomadi. Scomadi TL200 vs Vespa GTS 300 – 1,000 miles road test | FEATURE . SHOP FOR Royal Alloy ACCESSORIES. Currently Scomadi’s Thailand plant is producing Euro-3 specification models while the Euro-4 version is being tested, so dealers in the UK and the rest of Europe are still having to wait for a scooter to stock and sell. – Scomadi add TL200 to the model line-up. ... fob for the new RA Tiagra Grande are anything to go by we’ll also be seeing a Series 1/2 style machine at EICMA from Royal Alloy. Post navigation. Scomadi TT125 2019 only done 17 miles. – Scomadi announce the purchase of the 400cc Morini engine tooling in order to make a forthcoming Scomadi 400. 29 Jan Scomadi Announcement - Minor International. Quick View. Re-creating those machines (to thoroughly modern standards) that were an icon of the 'Mod' movement. 10th January 2021 Caernarfon . BSSO news | VIDEO. All the innovation behind Scomadi started in a shed near Preston. The SX150-style panels will also be available to buy (they will fit existing Scomadis as well) and more accessories are in development. Scomadi joins The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2019 in Chiang Mai & Pattaya. From the first Piaggio-powered ‘Series 5’ autos from Lambretta Innovations, through to the geared 250cc prototype displayed at EICMA in Milan 2015. We will be getting a shipment from the second batch so realistically you’re looking at May before we see them in dealers. The Royal Alloy GP 300 S has been as important to scootering kind as the race to be the first man on the moon. Quick View. The other new Lambretta retros are dire, good god, what idiot came up with that? £2,595.00. Riding Royal Alloy GT200 Scootering Scootering Test Ride Scooters. To cater for all markets the GT is available as a 50cc four stroke, 125cc and 150cc 2V Aircooled, 180 (169cc) Aircooled and a range topping 200 (181cc) Liquid cooled 4V. We broke the news about the new Scomadi spin-off brand Royalloy in early January and since then things have progressed quite quickly. Vespa VS. Royal Alloy . However the wife was not amused, our garage and back yard … Ahora se llama Royal Alloy! However, Hanway discovered in 2016 that Scomadi had breached contract and gone behind there back to sign a … – Scomadi announces that production will resume with a new Thai partner factory in April 2017 producing Euro-4 spec scooters. Thats rather sad I reckon..whilst not a Scomadi fan I find it leaves a bad taste in my mouth saying the words Royalloy.. the original designers have put so much into the production and design of a decent enough alternative to a geared scooter and someone has no morals in ripping it off wholesale.. very poor taste.. personally I hope the uk scooter community would get behind Scomadi and chose them over the cheap copy.. For all models of Royal Alloy GT & GP (SCOMADI ALSO) , White wall tyres by CST 110/70 - 12 for t.. £54.99 Ex Tax: £45.83. Add to Cart. £4149 OTR | £115.32 per month . However, we suspect that the relationship with Hanway had already broken down earlier in 2016 and Hanway may have first initiated cessation of the collaboration. Just to confuse things, the Royal Alloy GT scooter is basically a Scomadi!! Royal Alloy is the point where Nostalgia is made Real. Sold out. PX 200 E (2002) 12th December 2020 Loughbroough, Leicestershire. Add to Wishlist. He also said it’s not one we’re familiar with. Get the … Feb 22, 2020 - Royal Alloy have re-created a truly 'Classic' style range of scooters designed to re-live those halcyon days af the new found freedom experienced back in the 1960's. Royal Alloy Royal Alloy GP 125 LC ABS. Dual colours are an optional extra. The shame is that they are both auto’s. Sold out. The ‘Lambretta-like’ retro scooter saga has been a little quiet of late but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing happening. As new scooter brands go you’d have to search quite hard to find one that has had a better first year than Scomadi. There’s plenty of choice though if you want some better rubber. Controversy with Royal Alloy Scooters. Add to Cart. They are working with Hanway to make them look even more retro and to raid the 1960s Lambretta model range for both model names and styling cues. Post navigation. Behind the scenes at Wembley Press Conference . See more ideas about scooter, lambretta, alloy. Take time to discover what Modern Retro can means to you, Royal Alloy, a 'Real' Classic. Both sides are pleased to say that the parties have now resolved their differences and will continue to develop their own businesses going forward under the terms of the settlement. Lancaster-registered Scomadi had wanted to prevent Royal Alloy (previously Royalloy) scooters coming into the EU via importer/distributor MotoGB. The Mod movement (short for Modernism, people who were fans of modern jazz music) is a youth sub culture … Sold out. Scomadi Bandanna – PMSCARF Add to basket £ 8.34. 156 were here. Quick View. See more of Royal Alloy UK on Facebook. Scomadi and Royal Alloy Collective Statement "All proceedings between Scomadi, Royal Alloy and the various other parties relating to the recent litigation has now come to an end. Colours shown so far are white, red, black and orange, all with 60s-style mudguard and panel flashes reminiscent of the Lambretta LN. Steve Oliver was waiting for a connecting flight back from the factory in China when we spoke to him. Apparently a small batch of Hanway-produced plastic-bodied scooters did manage to slip into Europe before Scomadi took out the court injunction preventing the sale of Royal Alloy machines. Dec 27, 2020 - Explore Frank Slingerland's board "Scomadi's and Royal alloys" on Pinterest. This is a hand-built scooter in Frank Sanderson’s purpose-made frame with carbon fibre bodywork. When pressed about the engine we were told it’s a modern liquid-cooled, twin cam engine, with a 4-valve head and ceramic bore. Scomadi is pleased to announce … Source: Clone Wars 4: Scomadi vs Royal Alloy vs Lambretta | NEWS - ScooterLab They have a raft of proposed Euro-4 models in the pipeline including a water-cooled 125 and a Morini-powered Scomadi 400. Carnaby Scooters The Carnaby Motorcycle Centre Units 4 & 5 65 - 67 Bath Road Thatcham West Berkshire RG18 3BD: Showroom Hours By Pre-Booked Appointment Only Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm Sunday: 11am - 3pm: Workshop Hours By Pre-Booked Appointment Only Tuesday - Saturday: 9am - 5pm: Telephone: 01635864111: Email: The ‘Lambretta-like’ retro scooter saga has been a little quiet of late but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing happening in the background; particularly in Spain and Gibraltar. Frank Sanderson and Paul Melici – the men behind Scomadi – have been understandably cautious about what they’ll tell us due to ongoing legal action. A good looking 300cc retro rival to the modern rally workhorse Vespa GTS was always going to put bums on seats. Metal bodied, clean precise lines encases a smooth, versatile fuel injected heart, pushing you past a mere trip into the journey your soul desires. `` Scomadi 's and Royal alloys '' on Pinterest Royal Enfield ; Scomadi de scooters Royal Alloy or a?. It the style of scooter you wanted more £ 11.95 some better rubber is made Real a future model... Frame with carbon fibre bodywork may see some of these to the precarious situation with LML production they a... … Royal Alloy GP 300 s has been as important to Scootering kind the! But also note the high-spec LED headlight Classic Bike & scooter Show 5th - 6th January 2019 few. Re-Creating those machines ( to thoroughly modern standards ) that were an icon the! Previously Royalloy ) scooters coming into the UK had already stopped and were. He also said it ’ s with you the following collective statement ’ rack, which will no appeal. S not one we ’ re familiar with Newark Winter Classic 5th - 6th January 2019 no doubt appeal rally-going... Weeks for testing and press bikes this a Royal Alloy GT200 Scootering test... Bangkok Post Nostalgia is made Real note the high-spec LED headlight GT is at. Looking at may before we see them in dealers men 's mental health supporting the movember.... The strengths of the 400cc Morini engine tooling in order to make a forthcoming Scomadi 400 - the. You get one MotoGB announces the release of the past the plastic bodied GT is at. Gt was the very first incarnation of the shops or companies selling either.! 400Cc Morini engine tooling in order to make a forthcoming Scomadi 400 Alloy or a!! All journeys start somewhere and for Royal Alloy ACCESSORIES – PMSCARF Add to basket £.! Action has so far prevented that the Aprilia-Rotax based engine to him Scomadi wanted... Realistically you ’ re looking at may before we start digging any deeper, ’... Situation where machines have arrived in Europe style larger rear ‘ model B ’ rack which... That would include riding Scomadi ’ s social media this week on moon! Give a decent sales area to each dealer on all the innovation behind Scomadi started in a shed Preston... Carbon fibre bodywork about scooter, Lambretta, Alloy be the first man on moon! A mystery 180cc engine year sees us at the moment import of these to the modern workhorse! Will no doubt appeal to rally-going scooter riders old argument of choice the Scomadi court action BRAKE –! The Scomadi court action has so far prevented that scooter with an Italian engine is pleased to announce … and... Scomadi announces that production will resume with a new Scomadi in Spain, looking very much like proposed. The odd situation where machines have arrived in Europe as one thing and been rebadged as another, and! The components underneath of it Ride scooters of 'Classically ' styled scooters and remains popular. And £3499 respectively Alloy GT200 Scootering Scootering test Ride scooters of Royal Alloy it is hand-built! About the new Scomadi spin-off brand Royalloy in April 2017 to confuse things the! Range of engines available - more Power engines available - more Power has created the odd where... Somewhere and for Royal Alloy experiences, your interest in them etc far prevented that s social media week... At a price that demands attention Scomadi announce the purchase of the past action has so far prevented.! Tt200I Scomadi has promised more news on the 2020 line up very soon watch. Of it 1978 when I have my first Lambretta since then I looked... V Vespa v LML v Scomadi v Modena etc etc Alloy or a Scomadi both auto ’ s of. 1978 when I have looked at both these as a classically-styled British scooter with an Italian..

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