At first sight, these mirror-scaled Koi seem to have little in common with Asagi, but Shusui are actually the product of crossing Asagi with a German mirror carp in 1910 by Yoshigoro Akiyama, resulting in the very first Doitsu scaled Koi breed. Probably the best looking of the carp variants for me, although a nicely coloured proper linear comes close. £25.00 9d 2h. £12,345.00. Bred and grown properly you can get a beautiful mix of mirror carp including leather, fully scaled… carp. Stunning Common and Mirror Carp. Carp are our biggest seller of all the coarse fish species, which is understandable due to the hard fighting characteristics and pig like appetite. 3-6lb (3 summers old) £7.50/lb plus VAT: 7-9lb (4 summers old) £10.00/lb plus VAT: 10-12lb (4 summers old) Make offer - Pond fish, common carp, mirror carp, shabumkins. You see 65 to 75 % of fish you hook into will be fully scaled mirror carp with the majority having never been hooked. But carp have more to offer than just a bend in the rod. Mirror carp are common in Europe where they have been known to grow in excess of 60 pounds.” The coarse fish record for a mirror carp is 67lbs 8oz taken in Kent in 2008. Carp Kinetics. carp rods. CROATIAN CARP (Common & Mirror) ... Our aim is to combine the scales, growth and body shape of both strains. The strain of carp that we produce is fast growing and tough with scale patterns from lightly scaled through to fully scaled mirror and hard fighting common carp. You can even select which type of carp you would like stocked in your waters as our fish are hand-selected every order. (Zip linear, scattered and fully scaled mirror) At Handy Carp I also produce a batch of scaly mirror carp, please check out the scaly carp page for more details. “The carp got its name from the large scales, which are said to resemble mirrors. See similar items. Check out some similar items below! Carp for sale. Shusui (Shoo-Soo-Ee)Shusui, means "autumn water" in Japanese. £5.00 £8.00. carp tackle. £3.00. Sale. £70.00. £3.00. Carp tackle. £40.00. Since it has a bare patch, it's nearly a fully scaled mirror carp . Pretty scale patterns and solid, natural body types set our fish aside from the norm. It just so happens to be the most commonly caught species in this lake. Mirror Carp (Cyprinus carlo) by Brian Mills £30 one sorry no postage happy new year ... Looks like “Fully Scaled Mirror Carp” has already been sold. The Fully Scaled Mirror Carp is sought after worldwide. About Mirror Carp for sale Mirror carp can be recognised by unusual scales dotted over their body, although fishermen have partitioned the scale patterns to make them simply identifiable – linear mirrors have a constant line of scales along their sidelong line whereas fully scaled mirrors are entirely covered in scales of different sizes. Pair of Mirror Carp approx 12" each - Male and Female. carp rod. Make offer - 1 x 4-5 Inch Fully Scaled Mirror Carp (Live Fish - Collection Only Cheshire WA4) Pond fish, common carp, mirror carp, shabumkins.

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