Despite the fact that it just opened last 2005, this restaurant, Alinea, has already gained its three-Michelin stars. This restaurant will definitely make you feel like you are feasting with the underwater royalties. Well, dine in one of the most expensive restaurants in the world! This was done at the ceremony for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards. They are also expensive and are not affordable for anyone else. However, the famous Paul Bocuse passed away last January of 2018 at the age of 91. The souffle will cost you another $5, but it’s worth it. Google+. Which take hours and cost a fortune whereas younger chefs are making equally delicious food in fantastic locations, at a fraction of the cost Keller did apologize to patrons and is using the review as a learning curve and continues to WoW his guests with delicious food and enticing flavor combinations. During weeknights, you can buy a four-course menu for $85. this is quite unique considering that Miami is not known for its Asian cuisine. For generations, the restaurant has served countless guests who all admired its special cuisine. 0. The Le Meurice, a two-Michelin star restaurant, found in Paris and inside the magnificent Hôtel Meurice, whose rooms were an inspiration from the Salon de la Paix located in the Versailles Palace. If you are interested to participate in this amazing culinary experience and have the cash to spend, then here is a list of the few most expensive restaurants around the globe. A meal in this restaurant would cost you substantially,  a chef’s table would amount to £400 or $549. Perhaps a nice steak at one of America’s best high-end chain steakhouses or a tasting menu at one of the best restaurants in America?No matter how high the bill was, we bet it didn’t come close to what your final tab would be at New York City’s Masa, which very well might be the most expensive restaurant in America. Perry and the other in Las Vegas gee Savoy is the owner of the restaurants, and he was born in France. See Also: These Are The Most Expensive Things In The World Right Now. This is all created by Paco Roncero, a chef who was awarded 2-Michelin stars, in 3 hours. Google+. He had a golden rule and that was to never use more than, three flavors on a plate it's a rule that's been followed by every succeeding chef since being called the chef of the century. the specialty seems to be seafood as well with the citrus cured fluke and a poached lobster. Designed by Jean-Philippe Blondet, executive chef, the meal in this restaurant which has 7 courses would normally cost you £280 ($385). It’s the only 5-star restaurant in the area and the local and tropical ingredients used in the dishes plus the view while eating definitely make this an amazing fine dining experience. will be overloaded the owner and head chef is Paco Don cero who opened the restaurant back in 2014, you'll be dining with eleven others inside the capsule the capsule is a blank canvas. The white gold strip, which runs around the entire edge of the phone, is decorated with one hundred and thirty-eight diamonds. Restaurant received a scathing review from critic Pete Wells claiming it was dull and just not worth the money many debates have cropped up questioning the value of these types of restaurants. As for his restaurant, it’s famous for its Brittany langoustines as well as gold caviar, in addition to many other specialties. The best seller is the fresh sturgeon caviar which costs $390 for a single serving. Taylor Rock. Can it be found at one of these eight most expensive restaurants in the world? La Pergola is known to be the only restaurant to have been given a three-Michelin star and is found at the top of the Waldorf Astoria in Rome. Number seven maison peak valence France four hundred and forty five dollars per person. Jacques created the first tasting menu which has been used worldwide since heading to may soul peak takes. Expensive; Top 10 Most Expensive Pizzas In The World 2020. And if you are not a vegetarian at all, then you might enjoy its famous Island Creek oysters with caviar or even the Montana rainbow trout with crispy oyster crackers! If you see the history of the restaurants, you will find multiple options of the historical and the perfect example of the ancient restaurants like Sobrino de Botin. Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark . You'll encounter a change in the landscape and scenery the dining experience, is roughly three hours from start to finish and there are many elements to it other than just the food. However, Naoe is certainly a game-changer in the area. The Alinea Kitchen Table, known to be its most pricey package, would have to cost each guest around $385. 1525. Indeed, no two meals are the same at this special restaurant. Such dishes of his would include winter radish petals (as seen on the photo presented), cilantro, and some lobster with parsley. And for this list, we would like to add the Restaurant Latour in Hamburg can have you pay up to around $400. Just stunning! This restaurant located in Tokyo, Japan was claimed to be an innovator of dishes as its chef, Yoshihiro Narisawa, creates all his traditional Japanese dishes in a refined method. You can also get the chef’s tasting menu for $129 or the grand tasting menu at $185. In Manhattan, this restaurant is fairly unassuming, but don’t let that fool you. In England, located in Berkshire, is an old restaurant called the Fat Duck that has been up and running since 1995 thanks to its owner Heston Blumenthal. Which ones and if not which would be at the top of your list to try first let us know in the comments and for sticking with us until the end of course here's your bonus. French chef took 16 years to make his dream a reality with three Michelin stars under his belt ultra violet has been offering. These restaurants are astronomically expensive. They are posted immediately once you submit them. This makes you wonder about the Sublimotion price for reservation, food menu, and lots more. Each guest can expect a bill of around $275. Naoe is a restaurant that is a luxury Asian restaurant located in Brickell Key, Florida. WhatsApp Pizzas are the important and popular fast food item which is loved in the whole world by every other person. Their specialty is Sante beef which is a variety of Kobe beef Kobe is the region the cattle are from and it's a recognized Wagyu brand. One dinner will cost each guest around $255. a standard dinner for two would usually cost $285. Each guest may expect to be billed an approximate amount of $290. Cafe Matisse is a French restaurant located in Rutherford, New Jersey. You can also get pork for your choice, as well as a souffle for your dessert. In this restaurant, lights are directly projected onto the dining table and chairs to provide better illumination. (Spam and Abusive comments will get deleted). The Mezzaluna, a two-Michelin star restaurant, is known to be the highest-rated restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city – literally since it’s located on the 65th floor of the Tower Club around Lebua. Lastly, a five-course costS $115. Here, you can have a dining experience beyond probably everything you tried before. The popular chef Alain Ducasse masters the art of putting together an expensive menu. The Joël Robuchon restaurant is more on for exclusive and intimate guests as it can only have around 12 tables with a fixed menu that can cost around $445 per person at the least. If you're a fan of animated films then you would have seen ratatouille the movie features a German sous chef named Horst in the English version Horst was voiced by will our but in the French version. You on an appetizing journey to the past with modern twists on classic dishes spend the night at the five star hotel, hotel Maison Peak to have the ultimate luxurious experience. It even has wagyu beef and foie gras. The Krug Room is found in Hong Kong at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and can only seat 12 guests per time. It’s built with the idea of providing an experience that can stimulate multiple senses at once. Famous for its succulent Wagyu beef meals, you would actually be paying for the quality of your food rather than the environment or view as this restaurant is found in the basement of an office building. And since he has mainly contributed to French gastronomy, tributes were made all around the world for him. Andre son Jacques wasn't keen on being a chef but when his dad lost their third star in 1946, and their second star in 1950 he decided to change his career path and earn the stars back which he managed to do.

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